Travel regulations


EC regulation 561/2006 establishes the regulations relating to driving times, breaks and rest periods for drivers engaged in the transportation of passengers by road.

According to EC 561/2006, the new regulation in force, in order to avoid stiff penalties, the drivers engaged in the rental services are strictly obliged to comply with the following provisions set forth in Articles 6, 7 and 8 point II of this legislation, with regard to daily and weekly rest, hours of driving per day, per week and twice a week.


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On-board regulations

We ask for the cooperation of our passengers in complying with the following laws


Italian Legislative Decree no. 150 of 13/3/2006 (O.G. no. 87 of 13/04/2006) Implementation of Directive 2003/20/EC relating to compulsory use of safety belts and restraint systems for children in vehicles. Changes to the Highway Code in force since 14/04/06: the requirement to use seat belts is extended to bus passengers. All passengers must be sat down with their seat belt fastened while the vehicle is moving. Children shorter than 150 cm must use a booster cushion and adapter that allows the child to be restrained by the seat belt designed for adults. Children up to the age of 3 may not travel in older vehicles without seat belts, while older children with a height of up to 150 cm may not occupy a front seat.


ART. 164 paragraph 1: Positioning of luggage inside the bus in an irregular way or with a volume and/or weight exceeding allowable limits. FINE: from € 68.25 to € 275.10 – ADD-ON PENALTIES: deduction of three points from your driving licence.

1. Each passenger may carry no more than one piece of hand luggage smaller than 30x10x10 cm, which must be placed in the appropriate overhead luggage rack;

2. The luggage carried must not contain dangerous substances and articles, flammable objects, explosive, ammunition, rockets, combustible liquids, paints, paint thinners or strong-smelling substances that may inconvenience drivers or other passengers.


Law no. 584 of 11/11/1975; Art. 51 of Law no.3 of 16/1/2003; Italian Prime Ministerial Decree of 23/12/2003. Pursuant to Art. 7 of Law no. 584/75 and subsequent amendments, offenders are subject to ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTIES comprising payment of a sum of between € 27.50 and € 275.00; this is doubled if the offence is committed in the presence of a pregnant woman or in the presence of infants or young children up to the age of twelve. Enforcement of bans is the responsibility of the on-board staff. It is also forbidden to consume hot meals, food and drink. The bus is a means of transport for the public, therefore passengers must behave in a civil manner and avoid littering, making noise, damaging furnishings and equipment, and avoiding any behavior that could disturb the peace of the passengers and staff on board. Any damage will be charged to the person responsible. If it is not possible to identify the person responsible, the leader/organiser will assume responsibility and will pay any repair costs.

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