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Focus on quality, safety, environment

Since the 2014 the company, unique in its territory, has been improving its telematic track and trace systems on all its vehicles and it has been integrated to the operational system in order to guarantee timely services. This system allows our offices to monitor in real time all our transports and activities so that we can also check that legal duty and resting hours are fully respected as per regulations (CE 561/2006), and we can promptly act whenever the compliance is violated. Additionally, the system allows us to monitor our drivers’ driving, improving their performance with trainings if needed.

Moreover, with the development of the fleet, we are supplying the vehicles with latest device entertainment systems such as WIFI, TV, CD/DVD/USB players, OWN DEVICE entertainment, etc. 


Mransport and luxurious VIP,
comfortable cruising.


Constant cleaning and
sanitizing in all our vehicles


Ability to connect
to the free wifi


Our vehicles are
available to all


on-board entertainment.
Bring your own device


Real-time satellite tracking

Here's what you will also find on our vehicles:

  • DVD Player
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Microphone
  • A/C (Air Conditioning)
  • Hi-Fi/Radio/CD/USB
  • 220v Sockets or USB
  • Reclining seats
  • TV
  • Toilet

Qualified Drivers Only

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