Safety protocol


We have enhanced the cleansing and sanitization processes of our buses: professional and trained staff carry out the sanitization of the vehicles after each trip using ozone machines, which allow an excellent level of disinfection and eliminate the bacterial charge.

Ozone is extremely effective to destroy bacteria, parasites and viruses. Also, it converts to oxygen in a natural way resulting in a highly eco-sustainable gas, with a reduced environmental impact.


Thanks to the reaction of Tungsten Trioxide illuminated by Our LEDs, the sanitiser cleans the air, attacking germs, viruses and bacteria presence, thus making environment safer for operators and user. With this new photocatalyst sanitization system we can provide certified efficiency against viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, fungs, germs and organic pollutants, as a result we guarantee a safe and healty location without risks and bad smells, constantly during the journey.

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A sanitizing gel dispenser will be always available on board and it can be used during the entire duration of the trip. Regarding personal protective equipment, masks and gloves may be available on demand, to ensure greater protection for passengers.


All our drivers are equipped with personal protective equipment.

They have followed a specific training during the health emergency, according to the latest safety regulations.

Our staff has already put into practice those strategies during repatriation services we have operated in the health emergency period.


We have updated our risk assessment document, including the new issues related to the health emergency period. Having a deep knowledge of the context is the best way to be reactive and ready to face this new and unpredictable situation.

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