During the last period, LINEA AZZURRA in cooperation with the Global Passenger Network coordinated repatriation efforts from and to most of European countries, travelling on the road by comfortable and safe coaches. This operations allowed to us to become specialists, dealing with embassies, consulates, civil protection, police in each countries involved, always finding the proper “corridors” in order to guarantee smooth journeys. Of course all the companies are required to take all the measures to manage and cancel the risks related to the Civid-19 Pandemic Emergency (trained drivers and staff, individual protection devices for staff and passengers, special cleaning and sanitizing procedures for vehicles, etc).

By activating the GPN companies all over the Continent, thousands of passengers were able to get home safely. The efforts included contributions from many GPN members, each covering the distance in their own countries. It was an impressive effort and it proved the dedication of our members and the unique value of our network. Everyone involved proved themselves cooperative, flexible, reliable and remained continuously available to find quick solutions and solve any challenges which occurred throughout the execution of this sensitive operation.

Repatriations are still happening now across Europe, and we are helping Cruise Companies (as crew and passengers are being allowed to disembark from cruise ships), Tour Operators, Companies and Privates, needing to repatriate their customers and staff.

This close cooperation between member companies activated a perfect Formula to face the current emergency situation, and solving problems like closed or restricted access at the borders, different regulations in each country, etc, etc. This Formula consists on a kind of “relay race”, where each company provides transport in its own country and “pass the torch” to the border company. This ensure the respect of all the regulations and conditions in each country in a very smoother and safer process.

This kind of operations allow a widespread coverage and ensure a very easy and fast action, even for small groups (15/20 passengers). The costs are tremendously lower than other transport modes.

Global Passenger Network